I first met my friend Sierra in second year Spanish class at York University. After instantly clicking, it was evident that Sierra was different. Different in the sense that she was kind, generous and a well rounded individual. She gets along with almost everyone and can instantly brighten up your day with her infectious need to live life colourfully. That was in 2009 and today we still remain great friends.

Transitioning from those years in University to adulthood have brought us closer together. We both grew up determined to finish school and follow these big dreams we had set for ourselves, but something was missing. Both of us have found our own ways to pursue what we truly love to do to fill that void. I’m slowly starting to find more ways to dive into photography and dedicate more time to my blog, where as Sierra has started something that speaks to who she is as an individual and her tremendous need to give back.

Her endeavour fuses her passion for jewellery, fashion and most importantly, making a difference. Her company theFOUNDATIONbracelet focuses on raising awareness and funds to put an end to bullying.


“As a teacher and as a victim of bullying it breaks my heart to hear stories and see children who are being bullied. I was very fortunate that I had such a strong support system and I’ve realized that not everyone is that lucky” Sierra states. “By raising awareness and money for anti-bullying organizations, my bracelets can be a way to help those who are being bullied express their feelings and get the help they need.”

The bracelets have two specific aspects to them: a wood bead as a reminder to build each other up and provide a strong support system and “a penny for your thoughts” to remind us that someone, somewhere is there to listen. Currently, Sierra has raised over $2000 and has donated all of the proceeds to Kids Help Phone, Canada’s only 24/7 counselling service for kids in need.

foundationbracelet foundationbraceletWhen asked what her ultimate goal with theFOUNDATIONbracelet is, she stated “My ultimate goal would be to STOP bullying, but for right now I am trying to raise as much money and awareness as I can so that we can move towards a world where there is no more bullying and those victims can freely express their feelings and get the help they need to heal.”

Sierra is currently selling and shipping her bracelets worldwide. You can also follow her beautiful Instagram account @thefoundationbracelet and check out her whole line on her Etsy page.

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